About Us

LendGenius is an online marketplace with a large and diverse network of lenders.

Our smart technology was built to help anyone, regardless of their credit score or financial needs, connect with a Personal or Business lender.

At LendGenius we believe that submitting a loan request should be fast, easy, and free. In fact, LendGenius is so fast and easy to use, that some consumers complete a loan request in less than 5 minutes and receive a lender’s decision within minutes. And LendGenius is 100% free to use. Whether you accept a loan offer or not, we will not charge you any fees or service charges.

Lendgenius.com is not a lender or lending partner and does not make loan or credit decisions.



LendGenius is the number one solution to all your business lending problems. Our commitment to you begins with helping you understand the nuances of the business financing world.


We understand as well as you do that time is always a factor in modern business. We take pride in our ability to react to your needs as quickly as we react to changes in the marketplace.


As much as we love technology, we prefer to win your trust the old-fashioned way. Our form is totally free (and it always will be!) We want to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


LendGenius is built around a simple idea: making loans more accessible to small business owners. When you’re ready, we’ll be there to help.

About the Author

Hugh Smith is a creator of the content at LendGenius.com

During his 5 years of working as a small business loan consultant, he was helping his clients to make the right money decisions. On this website, Hugh gives helpful tips and advice on managing your budget.