9 Gmail Plugins and Accessories Your Business Needs Now

9 Gmail Plugins and Accessories Your Business Needs Now
Ronis Gracie
on March 22, 2020
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Isn’t it hard to believe that you or your business ever survived without email? These days, you rely on it more than you do virtually anything else.

It makes many of your daily work-related tasks so much easier; like communicating with staff, sharing discounts with customers, and collaborating with partners.

Despite the speed at which other technology develops, your email inbox is likely to remain an essential business fixture for a long time.

Take advantage of these additional inbox tools to ramp up your communication to the next level:



With all that you have going on in your work life, it’s no wonder you drop the ball once in a while! Keep these incidences to a minimum with Boomerang.

This third-party Gmail plugin enables you to leave the scheduling and follow-up reminders in its capable, virtual hands.

With Boomerang, you’re much less likely to forget to follow up and your scheduling will flow without a hitch.

The first 10 scheduled messages per month are free, with the full, unlimited package available at a nominal cost.

Mailbox(project closed)


Let this smartphone app go to work organizing the multiple inboxes that are making you crazy.

This handy app will allow you to see all of your inboxes in one view, assisting you in minimizing confusion. Use the handy “snooze” feature to follow up with emails you don’t have time to answer at the moment.

Just decide when you can deal with it and Mailbox will show it at the top of your inbox at that time.

Imagine how handy that could be if you need to gently prod a customer for a payment.

Although it’s certainly nice to have some outstanding accounts receivable if you want to apply for an invoice financing loan, you might not always want to go that route.

This app ensures that you are operating at maximum organizational efficiency.


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mail chimp

Maintaining a regular newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your clients in the know about everything that’s happening with your business.

If you’re procrastinating getting one started, put MailChimp to work for you. This application lets you send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers at no cost!

What’s more, MailChimp is rich with polished templates, drag-and-drop tools, and advanced analytics.

The only thing MailChimp can’ t do is create the content, but no one knows your business better than you do.



If you’re sick and tired of getting bombarded with spam and other people’s newsletters, use this handy tool to easily unsubscribe from what you don’t want.

It can combine the rest into a much more manageable digest that only comes once every day.

Ah, what a relief!

MxHeromx hero

This add-on is perfect if you need to send a confidential email that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are in the preliminary stages of inquiring about getting a traditional term loan and you want to get all of the facts before you tell your partners or investors.

MxHero will ensure that any emails you send are removed from the recipient’s inbox five minutes after they are read.

It also tracks whether the message has been opened, which links were clicked, and what attachments were viewed.

There may be no such thing as email privacy, but MxHero does furnish you with some protection.

WiseStampwise stamp

Are you tired of the same old boring design options for your email signature? Enter WiseStamp, a plugin that lets you customize it with a large selection of font, size and color options.

Even add your picture; link to your social media accounts or blog. It works with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.

There is a free version or a premium choice for $4.00 per month that gives you unlimited signatures and removes the WiseStamp brand.


Have you ever sent an email, only to have it seemingly disappear into the void?

You have no idea if it got vaporized in cyberspace or if your contact is deliberately ignoring you.

Signal puts an end to the question of whether an email message has been opened, as well as whether any links within your message were clicked.

It integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Chrome.

Furthermore, Signals enables you to schedule an email to be sent at a specific time.

Best of all, your recipient is unaware that the email is being tracked!

FollowUp.ccfollow up

Think of FollowUp.cc as your email guardian angel who gently reminds you to follow up on emails on a date of your choosing.

For instance, when following up with a lender regarding your recent MCA application, you might add “[email protected]” to the BCC field of your email.

The following day, a private reminder would automatically be sent to your inbox via FollowUp.cc.

If you want to remind your associates about an upcoming meeting, add an additional contact with a name such as “[email protected]” to your CC field.

And like the Mailbox app mentioned above, the snooze feature will push an email you have decided to wait to answer to the top of the queue on the day you choose.

FollowUp.cc starts at $4 per month for 25 reminders, but you can try a 30-day free trial today.

Email Plugins for Small Business: The Bottom Line

Email can be your best friend or your worst enemy…

Take advantage of these free or low-cost tools to regain control of your email inbox and your business communications.

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