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Brenna Lemieux is the author of The Gospel of Household Plants, a notary public, and an enthusiastic content marketer.

She lives and runs in Chicago.

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by Brenna Lemieux on May 23, 2017

Free Cash Flow (FCF) for Financial Strength

Free cash flow can be used by companies to expand operations, absorb competitors, launch new products, and reduce debt. If time is money, then cash flow issues likely indicate mismanagement of both precious resources. Without a savings or some kind of cash flow cushion, your small business won't be prepared when disaster strikes (nor will you be able to scale up.) What is Free Cash Flow? Like liquidity, free cash flow (FCF) is a sophisticated measure used to evaluate the status of company's finances. Free Cash Flow Formula Free cash flow may be different from net income if, for example, your business has made a purchase of capital goods (or other changes in working capital.) You can calculate free cash flow with the following formula: EBIT (1 - tax rate) + (depreciation) + (amortization) - (change in net working capital) - (capital expenditure) While this equation is more popular among investors…

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by Brenna Lemieux on May 5, 2017

How to Sell to Millennials in 2017 – What is a Millennial Person Thinking?

With Gen Y collapsing under it's own debt, learning how to sell to millennials may not be your highest priority for 2017. In fact, many twenty- and thirty-somethings face down decades of debt repayment upon graduating from college. Despite all this debt though, millennial shopping habits aren’t as Spartan as you might think. The key to harnessing the buying power of Generation Y? Understand how and why they spend, so they’ll want to spend with you. Here are some insights to get started selling to millennials. How to Sell to Millennials - Serve Up Convenience Confession time: I’m a millennial. And one thing that consistently shocks me about my generation is that we’re both overwhelmed by our college debt and unwilling to skip takeout. Daily coffee, to-go oatmeal at breakfast and burritos at lunch, bottled water if we get thirsty. If it’s enticing, convenient, and inexpensive, we’ll take it. That may be…

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by Brenna Lemieux on March 27, 2017

How to Fund A Startup When You’re Still In College

College entrepreneurs, whether their businesses succeed or fail, will ultimately have a leg up on their peers after graduation. Testing out business ideas while you’re in college means you have high-stakes, real-world experience that most students won’t get until several promotions into their careers. Not to mention, it demonstrates strong leadership skills that make you an attractive prospective hire, if you ever choose to work for someone besides yourself. But to have this experience, you may need some startup funding. If you’re exploring college business ideas, I’ll assume you’re already prepared for the hard road ahead. When it comes to funding, here’s an overview of some options available to college student entrepreneurs: 1. College Incubator Programs Like “real-world” incubators, these hubs offer a community where entrepreneurs can put their college business ideas to the test with support from advisers and external resources. Plus, they’re located on college campuses. While not every college…

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by Brenna Lemieux on April 4, 2017

Small Business Plan: Yes, You Really Do One & This Is Why.

If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you’ve probably wondered: Do I really need a small business plan? The short answer: Yes. But maybe not for the reasons you think... The long answer is that, while the importance of a business plan is as great as ever, best practices regarding how your business plan should look has changed over the years. Big picture, think of your business plan like Goldilocks’ porridge: You don’t want it to be too detailed or too vague. You shouldn't spend too much or too little time creating it. And it ought not be too restrictive or too broad. Here’s a closer look at how to create a business plan that’s just right for your small business needs. Small Business Plan - The Advantages Having a business plan to guide your business offers benefits to both those inside the operation (even if that’s just you) and those who might…

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by Brenna Lemieux on February 23, 2017

This is How to Increase Cash Flow When You Hit a Business Plateau

So you’re ready to take your business to the next level-- Isn't it exciting?! But no matter how confident you are, financing your business expansion could make anyone anxious. After all, you started a business to support yourself... Now you’re thinking about taking on debt to support the business! It seems counter-intuitive, but people do this all the time to seize growth opportunities: If you’ve ever taken out a car loan to commute to a job, you’ve done it too. And if your business has hit a growth plateau, taking on some healthy debt may be the fastest way to expand. The key to doing this successfully is, of course, managing your cash flow effectively. If you're looking for ideas on how to improve cash flow in small business-- Here’s a crash course on how to take your small business to the next level when you've hit a business plateau: Step 1: Follow the Money If…

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by Brenna Lemieux on May 10, 2017

9 Unmistakable Signs Your Business Is Going To Make It

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a formula that calculated what makes a company successful over the long term? Business owners are understandably tied to the numbers, but every business is different. Quantitative measures of business health like ROA and working capital are useful-- to a certain point. But sometimes, the things you can’t measure are the best signs of a successful business. How Do You Know if Your Business is Successful? Here’s a look at some non-numerical indicators that your company will be successful over the long term. 1. You feel like a total novice. These days, there’s a lot of pressure for business owners to become “thought leaders” in their fields. While being known in your industry can spur growth, it’s important to remember that the best leaders start as followers. After all, how can you know what kind of boss you want to be until you’ve had both good…

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