Email Hosting for Small Business: Our 3 Picks

Email Hosting for Small Business: Our 3 Picks
Eric Goldschein
on March 22, 2020
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When starting a new enterprise, you probably want to leverage the internet as much as you can to make your work easier and to communicate effectively with your clients, vendors and staff members. This is why finding email hosting for small business deserves your close attention.

Free web-based email providers are fine for personal use, but for your business, it could be better to choose a more robust solution. Having control over your own email can be better than trusting in any third party, and allowing your customers to send an email to an address hosted looks more professional than or

Fortunately, there are any number of firms that offer dedicated email hosting service. If you don’t know much about this subject, have no fear. We’ve already identified three of the top email hosting providers for small business, and we’re more than happy to share them with you.

Simplify Matters by Combining Web and Email Hosting

Another service you ought to be concerned with when creating a new company is web hosting. The speed and reliability of your website will definitely impact user engagement and conversions, so it’s certainly wise to not skimp in this area.

There are many hosts that offer packages that include both web hosting and email hosting. One option is to purchase one of these combination deals so that you can take care of both matters at the same time. It’s possible to obtain web hosting and email hosting separately, but there are disadvantages to doing so.

If you source your various online hosting needs from different providers, then you’ll have to deal with multiple entities on an ongoing basis. However, by getting both types of hosting from the same place, you’ll have a single point of contact in case anything goes wrong.

Furthermore, the cost of arranging your online resources in a piecemeal fashion can really add up. Meanwhile, combining them together reduces overhead and therefore makes package deals often more economical than separate service plans.

Affordable Web and Email Hosting Options

The available web hosting choices on the market span the range from free options that offer limited performance to dedicated servers that run each website on an exclusive machine. We feel that for a lot of our readers, shared web hosting is the way to go.

Shared hosting involves splitting up server resources among many different websites. This keeps prices down and should be sufficient for new sites that haven’t yet acquired much traffic. If your business should grow significantly in the future, then you can always upgrade to a more powerful hosting arrangement.

3 Email Hosts for Small Business

Whichever of the three organizations below you select to fulfill your web and email hosting requirements, you’ll be making a wise choice. They’re all known for their competence and integrity, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

bluehost email hosting

#1 BlueHost

Since 2003, BlueHost has been a trusted name in web hosting. It’s based in Utah, from which it services more than 2 million websites.

BlueHost Email and Shared Hosting Plans

BlueHost lets users choose between three tiers of service, called Basic, Plus and Prime. When you buy BlueHost service for a three-year term, Basic costs only $3.95 per month while both of the two higher levels are priced at $5.95 per month apiece. Shorter periods of service incur higher per-month expenditures.

There are definitely reasons to upgrade from Basic especially if you’re concerned about email hosting. Basic restricts you to just five email accounts and 100 MB of storage space per account. Both of these restrictions are lifted for Plus and Prime members. Basic also places limits on website storage and subdomains, which aspiring webmasters might find irritating.

BlueHost Email Details

As we’ve just mentioned, BlueHost’s Basic service might be inadequate for anyone in search of serious email hosting, but the other two grades of hosting service should be just fine. The maximum email attachment size at BlueHost is 35 MB.

Plus and Prime packages come with something called SpamExperts. This refers to a sophisticated, self-learning filtering program that aims to keep you safe from malicious emails while allowing kosher messages to pass through unaffected. SpamExperts targets spam, malware, phishing attempts, viruses and other unwanted content. Because it adjusts itself on the fly, it can allegedly even guard against malicious email attacks that it has never seen before. BlueHost claims a 99.98% accuracy rate for SpamExperts.

Customers on the Basic package must instead settle for Spam Assassin, which is a well-regarded anti-spam solution, but it lacks many of the advanced features of SpamExperts.

BlueHost Web Hosting Details

BlueHost doesn’t play any games when it comes to the speed and dependability of its web hosting products. Speeds rival the fastest shared webhosts around, and there’s virtually never any downtime. The company often embarks on major hardware upgrade programs, like the one it completed in 2017, to keep its performance up to par.

The elements of BlueHost’s serving environment that allow it to maintain its edge over its competitors in the web hosting space include:

  • Quad processor servers running Linux
  • UPS power backups and diesel generators
  • 24/7 network monitoring

BlueHost Free Incentives

BlueHost doesn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for newcomers. You will get a free domain for a year when you sign up, but that’s about it at least for the Basic hosting package. Plus and Prime customers will additionally receive $200 in free offers for Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and several smaller marketing networks. This is a cool perk even if it is only available at the higher service levels.

BlueHost Customer Service

BlueHost allows you to get help through email, telephone, support tickets and live chat. The quality of customer support here is variable. The answers given are sometimes exactly on point, but at other times, they’re somewhat lacking. You might do better by heading to the self-help section and attempting to find a page containing the info you seek.

You can sign up for BlueHost web and email hosting today although we do counsel you to opt for Plus or Prime rather than the entry-level Basic tier. If you wind up unhappy with BlueHost’s offering, you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

BlueHost Final Evaluation:

Email: B+ (Basic), A (Plus and Prime)

Web Hosting: A+

Security: A

Support: A



#2 SiteGround

SiteGround began life in 2004. A Bulgarian company, it has resisted the trend toward consolidation in the email hosting space and still retains an independent character that differentiates it from most competitors.

Siteground Email and Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround divides its shared hosting product lineup into three tiers: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. While there are differences between them in terms of web hosting features, you’ll be glad to know that each of these levels of service comes with unlimited free email addresses.

The introductory service package, StartUp, costs just $3.95 per month while GrowBig runs $5.95 monthly, and top-of-the-line GoGeek is priced at $11.95 a month. These prices apply to subscriptions of one year or longer; month-by-month pricing is the same but incurs an additional setup surcharge of $14.95. So sign up at SiteGround for a year or longer to get the best deal.

SiteGround Email Hosting Details

Like we’ve just mentioned, all three email hosting packages at SiteGround permit unlimited email accounts, but the storage space allocated to them varies. Here’s the breakdown of email storage space for each type of SiteGround account:

  • StartUp: 2 GB
  • GrowBig: 4 GB
  • GoGeek: 6 GB

The maximum attachment size for all levels of service is 80 MB (or 50 MB if you’re using webmail).

All of the above numbers are higher than any other host on our list: a major selling point for SiteGround if you’re in search of truly superior email hosting for your small business.

All SiteGround customers benefit from Spam Assassin and SpamExperts protection. These are sophisticated software products that detect junk messages and block them. Custom whitelist/blacklist management, the manual flagging of emails and training the system to improve its accuracy are all possible.

Moving your existing email over to SiteGround is a breeze as long as your old host uses the standardized cPanel interface. Yet, even if your previous hosting provider employs some other email access arrangement, it shouldn’t be too hard to migrate your emails over by following the steps contained in a help document created by SiteGround.

SiteGround Web Hosting Details

With four data centers to choose from, SiteGround customers have a measure of control over where their web content is served from. You can pick from Chicago, Hong Kong, London and Amsterdam: whichever one best fits the geographic distribution of your audience.

SiteGround is among the upper echelon of shared web hosts in terms of speed, handily besting most other providers. This impressive performance isn’t fragile either. All the figures we’ve seen demonstrate that SiteGround easily surpasses its 99.9% uptime promises and actually comes closer to 99.99% on most occasions.

SiteGround Free Incentives

SiteGround throws in a free SSL certificate and no-charge daily backups with every hosting plan. You’ll also get access to the Cloudflare content delivery network, which caches your pages remotely and then delivers them from wherever makes the most sense depending on the location of your visitors. This is perhaps one of the reasons why SiteGround’s web hosting service is among the fastest available.

Unusually, there’s no free domain included with SiteGround web hosting or email hosting. You must either purchase one at the time of registration or else use one that you already own.

SiteGround Customer Service

You can contact SiteGround support 24/7 via telephone, live chat or an internal ticketing setup. Customer service representatives are extensively trained, and many of them possess specialized knowledge not just of the host’s own products but also many popular applications, like WordPress and Joomla. Response times are very rapid.

For those who like to conduct their own research, SiteGround boasts a comprehensive selection of articles and tutorials. Many of them focus on email, including such topics as how to create new email accounts, setting up third-party email clients and mail forwarding.

The total package of email hosting, web hosting, and support at SiteGround is tough to beat. We advise you to join SiteGround today. You can always cancel within 30 days, if necessary, and get your money back.

SiteGround Final Evaluation:

Email: A-

Web Hosting: A+

Security: A

Support: A+


ipage email hosting

#3 iPage

More than a million websites call iPage home, and while we don’t know for certain how many of them also employ iPage email hosting, we’re pretty sure that it must be in the hundreds of thousands. This organization has more than two decades of history in the industry.

iPage Email and Shared Hosting Plans

The philosophy at iPage is simplicity, and so you won’t find different levels of service at varying price points. Instead, there’s just one single web hosting plus email product offered at a low price of $2.99/mo. for a single year. If you opt to sign up for two years of service, then this drops to $2.49/mo. while those who spring for the lengthiest three-year commitment pay just $1.99/mo. Unfortunately, when it’s time for renewal, these rates get substantially higher.

iPage Email Details

In keeping with its mindset of delivering just what users need without a lot of fancy extras, the email setup at iPage is fairly barebones. Nevertheless, you do get several basic features with your email hosting plan:

  • Mail forwarding and auto-responding
  • User-customizable spam filters
  • Virus scans

When you register for an iPage account, you’ll get unlimited email addresses, but email storage maxes out at 500MB total. iPage restricts the size of an email and all attachments to 20 MB. This is a bit smaller than is standard in the email hosting field.

iPage Web Hosting Details

iPage has two server centers, both on the East Coast of the United States. They’re able to achieve uptime of more than 99.95%, which demonstrates that iPage’s low cost doesn’t come at the expense of reliability. However, customers are sacrificing a bit in web hosting performance because the loading times of iPage-hosted sites are mediocre. There are slower hosts out there, but there are also faster ones.

iPage Free Incentives

Every customer of iPage receives a no-cost domain registration for a year. Additionally, the company provides $200 in ad credits with Google and Bing, two of the leading paid search organizations in the world. There is a web-building suite present at iPage, but it’s a knock-off of the proprietary Weebly architecture, and it comes with severe restrictions unless you’re willing to pay extra to unlock the full version.

One unusual perk that you get with iPage web hosting is SiteLock website protection. This is a potent combination of anti-malware safeguards, vulnerability scans, DDoS prevention measures and firewalls. The functionality present within SiteLock should give you some peace of mind with regard to the many threats that inhabit the internet.

iPage Customer Service

Customer Service at iPage consists of chat, email and telephone support, which are available around the clock. The answers given tend to be quite relevant and factual, but you might have to wait awhile to get a response.

A set of articles on the site lets you read up on matters of interest to webmasters, but the overall selection of help documents is pretty limited. There are quite a few guides that are email-related and might assist you in configuring your email correctly. They cover setting up specific email clients, like Outlook and Mac OS X Mail, to work properly with the iPage servers. You can also learn about how to create multiple mailboxes, adjust spam filters, check your mail over the web and more.

If you’re looking for budget-priced email and web hosting without compromising on quality, then it may be time to open up an iPage account. There’s a 30-day money back offer that lets you try out the service risk-free.

iPage Final Evaluation:

Email: B

Web Hosting: A-

Security: A-

Support: B

lendgenius blog2 low balance

Solid Email Hosting for Your Small Business

Email is a critical communications tool for the modern age – you simply cannot afford to do without it in today’s era. Rather than taking a chance with an unproven email host or settling for a free webmail account, put yourself in the hands of one of our three recommended providers of email hosting for small business. They’re large organizations that have been around for a while and can take care of email and web hosting for you in an efficient way.

BlueHost, SiteGround, and iPage all provide risk-free money-back guarantee periods, so you can check them out and not lose anything in case their service doesn’t work out well for you. You, therefore, have no excuse for delaying. Begin exploring these small business email hosts today.

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