A Full Review of the First Access Card

A Full Review of the First Access Card
Taylor Gordon
on March 19, 2020
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Do you have less-than-perfect credit?

No problem.

Having stellar credit isn’t required to get approved for the First Access Card, and the online credit card application can take you just a few minutes to complete.

This card is a Visa® card that’s accepted nationally.

You can use it online and in stores.

One aspect to watch out for is the cost.

You get charged just to have the credit card in your wallet.

In this review, we’ll give you a full guide that discusses what you need to know about the card.

The First Access Card Rates and Fees

The card has processing fees, annual fees, and monthly service fees.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

  • Interest rate -99% APR
  • Processing Fee – $89.00 (one-time fee)
  • Annual Fee – $75.00 for the first year. (Afterward, it’s $48.00 annually.)
  • Monthly Servicing Fee – $6.25 per month, or $75.00 annually. (The first year you don’t have to pay the monthly service fee.)
  • Additional card fee – $29 annually
  • Late Payment Fee – Up to $38.00
  • Returned Payment Fee – Up to $38.00

Applicants must pay the $89 processing fee in full before the credit card account is opened.

The annual fee ($75) will be added to your credit card balance before you get the card.

For example, if you’re offered a $300 credit line, your available credit when you get the card will be $225 and the credit card balance will be $75.

Card Overview and Best Features

The $300 credit limit can be increased if you meet certain conditions.

Once you’ve had the card open for at least six billing cycles, you can request to have your credit limit raised.

If your account hasn’t been past due or over-the-limit for the past six months, you may qualify for a credit limit increase.

Other benefits of this card are that there’s a short online application and you could get a response quickly.

Information needed to apply for the credit card includes your name, address, telephone, email, and social security number.

You must be a U.S. resident over the age of 18 to apply.

Account details are reported to the credit bureaus so making on-time card payments consistently can help improve your credit score.

This card is a Visa® card which means it’s accepted at ATMs and many merchants on- and offline.

First Access Credit Card Summary for 2019

If your credit is poor or fair and you’re having trouble qualifying for an unsecured card, this card could be one to consider.

The difference between an unsecured card vs. a secured card is that you don’t need to put down a cash deposit for an unsecured card.

You do need to be mindful of fees here because they can add up fairly quickly.

Make on-time payments on this card and you could build up enough credit to apply for a more affordable card that rewards you with savings on fees.

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