Hero Companies Who Are Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Hero Companies Who Are Helping Small Businesses Succeed
Caitlyn Rose
on January 19, 2016
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These are challenging times for small businesses. Luckily, however, the news isn’t all bad. Read on to learn about three companies that have stepped up to partner with businesses like yours to help them succeed.


This innovator and tech giant hasn’t forgotten the little guy. Since 2011, it has focused on helping entrepreneurs get off the ground by sponsoring community hubs. In these co-working spaces, entrepreneurs can collaborate, share ideas and launch their startups.

Google has also made minority-owned businesses a priority by inviting them to join their Accelerate with Google Academy. This 12-week course is designed for business owners who are already Internet-savvy but who would benefit from hands-on advertising training from the experts. Competition is fierce for this course, but the benefits are huge if you are accepted.

Crowdfunding Companies

In recent years, getting support from family, friends, acquaintances and even perfect strangers through crowdfunding sites has garnered massive amounts of attention. Of course, you can’t just put your business name and a small paragraph about your goals up on a website and expect thousands of dollars to begin flowing in. This means of funding takes planning and hard work, but it can be done.

New crowdfunding websites seem to come on the scene every day. However, some of the most long-standing and best-known include Indiegogo, Peerbackers and goFundMe. These platforms can give you the tools and space you need to get news about your company out there.

However, news can’t spread unless you lay a strong foundation before you begin your campaign. Make sure you have an email contact list of at least 2,000, a network of supporters you can count on to furnish 20 to 30 percent of your total, and plenty of friends willing to spread the word.

In this technology-based age, even the most geographically isolated small business owners are not in a vacuum. Use the power of the Internet and the companies located there to give yourself a jump-start. The benefits could be amazing.


One of the most daunting challenges for small companies is getting the necessary capital to get off the ground and to cover on-going expenses, inventory and expansion. That’s where LendGenius comes in. With one simple application, you can gain access to several alternative funding sources for no-collateral business loans.

Thanks to their hassle-free process and friendly staff members, you can learn about all of your options without being bullied into a loan that’s not right for you. Available options include:

  • Business cash advance loans, in which you get a lump sum of money now by selling a portion of your daily credit and debit card sales to the lender. You pay this back over time, plus fees.
  • Invoice financing, in which you turn over existing accounts receivable to the lender in exchange for cash now.
  • Business lines of credit, which operate much like a credit card. You don’t pay interest or fees until you borrow against your credit limit.

You can keep your paperwork to a minimum with LendGenius.com, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your options. This company definitely has you covered.

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