The Best Lenders in 2018 for Small Business Loans Online

The Best Lenders in 2018 for Small Business Loans Online
Eric Goldschein
on August 18, 2017
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As a small business owner in 2018, it’s likely you’ve come across ads for business loans online from your current bank or financial institution.

But these interactions only tell part of the story.

Beyond the realm of old-school banking institutions, you’ll find a wealth of additional options for business loans online with direct lending companies that have looser underwriting criteria and streamlined processes.

Funding Options APR Do you qualify? Time in Business Annual Revenue
Funding Option
Get Started
Estimated Apr
Do you qualify?
Time in Business
At least 6 months
Annual Revenue
At least $100K
Funding Option
Learn More
1.5% - 10%
Monthly Fee Rate
Do you qualify?
Time in Business
At least 1 year
Annual Revenue
At least $50,000

Finding business loans online is proving to be a viable option, especially for small business owners.

According to the Small Business Administration, while major financial institutions have reduced lending approvals of amounts of less than $1 million down to 31% since the recession, online lenders boast a 38% approval rate.

Online or alternative lenders are typically quick to offer approval, utilizing technology and algorithms to review applications that include factors such as credit history and industry, as well as other unique considerations.

If you’ve been in business for at least a year, you might want to explore your alternative lending options.

11 Lenders to Know When Searching for Business Loans Online

OnDeck Capital


One of the biggest names in online lending, OnDeck is good for those with strong revenue history and good personal credit.

They lend to over 700 industries, with only a few (typical) notable exceptions.

Lending Club - Small Business Funding

Lending Club

Lending Club has given out upwards of $26 billion in financing since its inception in 2007.

To work with Lending Club, you’ll need to be in business for at least two years and have good personal credit.

BlueVine Business Loans Online


BlueVine is best known for their FlexCredit line of credit and invoice factoring.

If you often find yourself waiting on unpaid invoices, these options can offer you some flexibility and assurance that you won’t fall behind paying your own bills.

Keep in mind however, BlueVine only funds B2B companies.Kabbage Capital


Kabbage is best known for giving applicants a nearly instantaneous answer on whether they could be approved for funding.

Their main financing option for you will be their business line of credit.

Swift Capital - Alternative Lender

Swift Capital

Swift Capital goes both low and high, with a minimum loan of $5,000 and a max of $500,000.

But their terms are short, with the longest repayment term lasting just a year.

They’ll also match offers from another lender or give you $500 as a Best-Price Guarantee. 

CAN Capital Online Lender

CAN Capital

CAN Capital has a reputation that spans decades, and they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of businesses in that time.

They do have something of a reputation for poor customer service, however, so tread carefully with this lender

SmartBiz - SBA Loans


SmartBiz functions as as a platform for small business owners to obtain loans from the SBA.

Depending on your finanicial needs, you can choose between an SBA commercial real-estate loan or working capital, both of which are known for their low rates and long terms.

Bond Street Capital

Bond Street

As relatively new lender – Bond Street started in 2013 – this option offers some serious capital, with as much as $1 million available per loan.

Unlike SBA loans, however, these must be paid back within a few years.

Direct Capital - Small Business Loans Online

Direct Capital

A good choice for businesses looking to startup or expand, Direct Capital is best known for its strong social media presence and customer service.

Everything is very customer-friendly, including the fact that you can reapply after just 6 months (if you’ve been denied.)Fundation - Business Loans Online


Fundation is a highly awarded alternative lender, winning “Best For Working Capital Loans” on multiple occasions.

This lender partners with traditional banks to improve the funding process for customers.StreetShares Affinity-Based Business Lending


StreetShares is a peer-to-peer lender that practices “affinity-based lending,” which means matching customers up with like-minded folks to provide them with capital.

This unique concept helps the company keep terms and rates friendly to both sides.

Thinking About Getting a Business Loan Online?

It’s important to find the right financing option for your business.

Try for an easy online form that can connect you to a potential lender fast.

Getting a Small Business Loan Online

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