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What’s An Installment Loan?

Put simply, installment loans are cash loans requiring fixed numbers of equal-amount, regular-payment installments to be repaid completely by an agreed-upon date.

One of the most basic types of installment loans are mortgages.

This is one option available to you if you need money right away, need a super-fast response, don’t have perfect credit, and want to improve your credit, while at the same time getting the money you need.

Traditional Loans vs. Installment Loans

Unfortunately, traditional loans are often characterized by too much paperwork, long periods of time before you get an answer, inconvenient application processes, and a lack of competitive rates, especially if you live in a small town or in a poor community with banks and credit unions that are no longer doing business.

Installment loans, on the other hand, often include smaller monthly payments, fixed interest rates and pre-set amounts which borrowers can comfortably afford each month – more importantly, you can take advantage of the very competitive rates you can only obtain by bringing many lenders into the process.

Who’s Ideally Suited?

People who may be most interested in an installment loan are people looking for:

  • affordable, as-low-as-possible payments,
  • opportunities to rebuild one’s credit, and
  • a chance to make regular monthly payments using their regular source of income

What Can it Be Used For?

Installment loans can be very handy if you run into unexpected major expenses or needs that you just can’t put off any longer.

You might also just combine several debts into one installment loan (fast payments short) lump sum, including possibly paying off several credit cards most probably charging interest rates higher than you’d be paying with an installment loan.

Here’s a list of things you may take care of with an installment loan:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Unexpected expenses (e.g., medical emergencies)
  • Down-payments (on cars, boats, condo or a house)
  • School tuition & expenses
  • Home repairs
  • Business (e.g., emergency companies) expenses

What Are the Advantages?

Some of the advantages to installment loans have already been mentioned; other important advantages to think about include:

An extremely simple and quick, comparatively speaking, application process (sometimes involving “advance rate apply”)

A ridiculously fast approval period & and process

Fewer obstacles (than traditional personal/business loans) in obtaining your money

The incredibly unbeatable convenience of online transactions/processing; that is, not having to get dressed and spend gas to go anywhere

Highly competitive (in your favor) interest rates. One of the bright aspects of a bad economy is the fact that interest rates generally go down; also, the huge amount of competition between many lenders (especially among bad online lenders) also drives down interest rates.

Incredibly quick and a very-limited-bureaucracy approval process. In general, you won’t have to submit as much information as people had to supply in traditional personal/business loan transactions.

In fact, there is usually very little paperwork involved since much of the data collected and considered is electronically gathered, processes and stored.

Because very little paperwork is created or maintained, installment loans are also good for the environment.

How To Choose the Best Offer

It’s not true, as some people believe, that all installment loans (or lenders) are the same.

Just like everything else that you may shop for, it’s in your best interest to do your homework and compare fees charged, interest rates, APR and quality of service/reputation of the lender; you should also keep an eye out for automatic roll-overs and pre-payment penalties.

You can either shop around and do all the comparisons yourself (which would be very time-consuming) or you can find a professional service, like LendGenius, that does the comparisons for you and lets you know, without playing any games, what lender out there is offering the best possible deal for your unique needs.

It’s completely up to you to first of all decide whether installment loans credit is exactly what you need.

If it is, then the next thing is to shop around and compare in order to get the best possible deal.

Apply through our online form to get quickly matched with top installment loan lenders. LendGenius will help you find the right online installment loan to match your needs.

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