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Caitlyn is a small-business consultant and columnist for LendGenius with an intimate understanding of small business finance.

She’s an entrepreneur at heart & supports small, local businesses whenever she can.

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by Caitlyn Rose on September 19, 2015

9 Cloud-Based Tools to Solve All Your Small Business Accounting Needs

 As a hard-working entrepreneur, you should already know how important it is to keep a careful watch over every penny coming into and leaving your company. Many of us spend countless hours poring over spreadsheets, desperately trying to put into practice the things we never quite learned in our high school or college accounting classes. Knowing the stakes are high and an IRS audit is always possible somehow doesn't make small business accounting best practices any easier to implement... Fortunately for many of us, the trend to entrust our financial management to third-party “cloud” or online companies is really starting to take hold. The Benefits of Using Cloud Services for Your Small Business Accounting No surprise here, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing your business accounting needs. For one thing, cloud accounting allows you to do business from anywhere. Many online accounting tools can integrate with your existing financial tools, like your bank's website. Accounting…

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by Caitlyn Rose on December 30, 2015

Write for LendGenius

Do you eat, breathe, and sleep start-up culture? Are you passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed? Can you write for days about small business finance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to see what you’ve got. At LendGenius, we pay top-dollar for writers with a portfolio demonstrating expert web writing ability and small business finance savvy. GENIUS TIP: We get a lot of submissions. Before submitting your article, read through our writer guidelines below to increase your chances of getting published on LendGenius. Excellent writers can become regular paid contributors. Tips for Getting Your Byline Published on LendGenius Avoid throat-clearers or advice that readers will find obvious; use strong examples to support what you say. Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Bullet points are good. Sectionalized content with headers and subheaders is great. Meandering, disorganized blocks of text are not. Use a…

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by Caitlyn Rose on April 25, 2017

Quick Loans Online – Fast Business Loans & Where To Find Them

Whether you want to start a new business, or expand on an existing one, you should know how easy it is to get quick loans online these days. If you need to fast-track your loan, the way you apply matters – the old fashioned method of visiting a specific bank, working with a banker in person and waiting, waiting, waiting for an answer just won’t do. To get a business loan fast, you’ll need to properly prepare your documentation, apply online and use a system that allows you to apply with multiple lenders at the same time. [CTA-C]   This simultaneous submission process means you only have to go through the application once and that you get one or more approvals as quickly as possible. Fast Business Loans - 3 Ways to Speed up the Process Prepare your Documentation Regardless of the lender you choose you will have to provide documentation about your…

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by Caitlyn Rose on August 12, 2016

Why Personal Credit Still Matters for Business Loans

Today’s lenders are turning to personal credit, in addition to business credit, as an indicator of risk for business loans. Modern business owners considered to be creditworthy are chasing business loans from traditional banks, and credit is ruling the road to financial assistance. The Bad Credit Problem Unfortunately, bad credit has plagued a sizeable slice of small and medium-sized businesses due to the financial difficulties faced in recent years. The fact is, it’s really hard to finance a business without bank loans. Because of widespread bad credit, businesses are turning to regular bank deposits, cash flow and business cash advance to stay afloat. Deposits, entering a business’s bank account monthly, are used to fuel a business’s growth. RELATED: How A Merchant Cash Advance Can Turn Your Business Around 7 Captivating Reasons to Establish Business Credit in 2017 Do You Meet These 6 Requirements for Getting a Business Loan? Why Lenders…

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by Caitlyn Rose on June 20, 2016

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of a cash advance from your credit card. You pay a set percentage fee (around 3-10 percent) to your credit card provider for the privilege of withdrawing cash from an ATM. Alternately, some providers might send you a check instead. A merchant cash advance is a different sort of transaction. Although the names are similar, merchant cash advances have little in common with consumer cash advances. In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about merchant cash advances. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? Merchant cash advances (or MCAs) are sometimes referred to as cash advance loans. But actually, this is not technically an accurate term. Merchant Cash Advance providers are usually very careful to describe the product as not a loan. This is because they operate according to different set rules and are not subject to loan regulations. In a merchant advance, your…

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by Caitlyn Rose on February 29, 2016

Do I Really Need an Accountant?

As a business owner, there are many moving parts involved in keeping your doors open. Some may be creative, fulfilling tasks which you enjoy... others, not so much. It's fair to say that, for most small business owners, accounting is a chore. Perhaps you've been managing your finances on your own until now; you wouldn't be the only one. By handling accounting yourself, you save the cost of hiring someone else to do it. Not to mention, no one knows the ins and outs of your business like you do. Still, if you're considering hiring an accountant to help manage your business finances, consider these points: Time Is Finite With growth comes more transactions in an enterprise. The implication here is the greater number of transactions, the more time is consumed by bookkeeping. As a result, you may find the time you spend on bookkeeping causes you to neglect more important business operations. Having…

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by Caitlyn Rose on February 25, 2016

10 Financial Tools No Small Business Owner Can Live Without

Running a small business can be difficult. Between managing employees, supervising marketing, and keeping the financials in order, a small business owner may be handling all or most of these tasks themselves. Thankfully, there are myriad tools that can help small business owners keep their finances organized. Below are ten financial tools no small business owner can live without: 1. Business Plan Software Efficient business plan software helps keep ideas and information organized when attempting to grow your business. It is also useful when presenting ideas to investors. 2. Accounting Software Good accounting software is one of the best investments a small business owner can make. Quickbooks is a popular program that enables you to track daily sales, generate invoices, and manage payroll all at once. This is a notoriously easy-to-use software with pretty much no learning curve. 3. Credit Card Processing Software In this age of technology, it seems almost archaic to not offer credit cards…

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by Caitlyn Rose on February 22, 2016

6 Simple Steps to Transform a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC

Small businesses often begin as a sole proprietorship because of convenience. The ease of forming a sole proprietorship attracts people who start the self-employed life, but growth over time, the recognition of the liability you face, and other pressures often make creating an LLC necessary and desirable. Sometimes you must have an organizational structure other than sole proprietorship to qualify for contracts. Regardless of what motivates your decision to become an LLC, the following six easy steps will help you get started. 1. Secure the Name of Your Business Your company must have a unique name when you register it as an LLC. You can search the online database operated by the Office of the Secretary of State for help selecting an available name. You can also call the office of the Secretary of State, or choose to retain a service to get the information you need. If someone else…

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by Caitlyn Rose on February 18, 2016

7 Captivating Reasons to Establish Business Credit in 2017

Applying for a loan or line of credit with a bank requires a vast amount of financial verification. Most small businesses these days are applying for non-traditional and alternative lines of credit. There are even more options for business loans, but here are seven good reasons to build business credit in 2016. Keep Your Personal and Business Finances Distinctly Separate This is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business and save time with bookkeeping. Provided that you establish credit in the name of your business, there will be a clear difference between your personal and business finances in the eyes of the law. You can be held responsible for company debts if the distinction between your business and personal expenses is unclear. RELATED: How A Merchant Cash Advance Can Turn Your Business Around Why Personal Credit Still Matters for Business Loans Do You Meet These 6 Requirements…

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by Caitlyn Rose on February 17, 2016

5 Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Every small business owner wants to maximize profits over the long term. However, many business owners make mistakes every day that prevent them from seeing success. Correcting these mistakes is key to a more profitable business. Here are five of the most common mistakes that small business owners must stop making: 1. Business Tax Errors Small business owners are notoriously bad with their taxes. Instead of trying to do taxes yourself, spend some time and money with a professional. In the long run, this decision will actually save you time and money. The more time you spend with a tax professional, the more well-versed you will become on the subject. There are a lot of business owners who end up in trouble with the IRS because of tax mistakes made in the past-- don't let this be you! 2. No Website or Digital Presence It's seems safe to say, the internet is here…

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Hero Companies Who Are Helping Small Businesses Succeed

by Caitlyn Rose on January 19, 2016
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Bank Turn You Down For A Business Loan? Here’s How You Can Get Alternative Funding

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Corporate Bylaws: Why Your Business Can’t Function Without Them

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An In-Depth Look at How Invoice Financing Works

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Infographic: The Rise of Marketplace Lenders

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Bank Turn You Down For A Business Loan? Here’s How You Can Get Alternative Funding

by Caitlyn Rose on January 7, 2016
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5 Types of Grants For Women-Owned Businesses

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Your First Small Business Loan: What You Need to Know

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