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Need Cash? Get a Personal Loan Today

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It happens to everyone at one time or another: an emergency comes up, and you’re short of cash.

Not to worry, LendGenius offers a convenient online form that can connect you to a lender fast.

Yes, we help thousands of people every month by making it easier to find a lender with just one simple form.

Even if you have bad credit, we have lenders who can help.

Knowing Your Loan Options

We understand that it’s stressful when you need money fast to cover an unexpected expense, and that’s why we focus on providing better customer service than the banks and lenders you may be used to working with.

If you need a loan, these are just a few of the options that our network of lenders can provide:

Installment Loans

Installment loans are usually used for one large purchase/transaction and paid back in a fixed number of number of payments over a longer period.

While you may have more fees associated with this type of loan, you’ll find our site is quick to connect you with a lender in our network who is required to fully disclose all rates and fees before you sign for the loan.

Installment loans can be the right solution for a situation where you need all the money up-front and want to pay it back over time.

Moving expenses, car repairs, or unexpected medical or dental expenses are the kind of situations where an installment loan can really help.

Not to mention, timely repayment of an installment loan can help raise your credit score, improving your finances in the long-term.

The final total of the payments will include the amount of money originally borrowed plus interest and fees associated with the loan.

And with fixed installment payments, you have the stability of knowing your payment won’t change for the full length of the loan.

Some lenders require the borrower to set up automatic payments so that the payments are made on time, so be sure to read the fine print if this is a factor for you.

Need Cash? Get a Personal Loan Today

I want to borrow

Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans can be the right solution for you if the amount of money that you need can be repaid in less than one year.

Situations where this kind of quick approval loan might be right for you are to buy a new set of tires or make a much-needed roof repair.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are similar to installment and short-term loans and there may even be some overlap between these types of loans.

These are unsecured loans frequently used to consolidate high-interest credit card balances.

Because no collateral is required you might also use them to purchase a new kitchen appliance or to cover the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance after a storm, for example.

Auto Title Loans

Auto title loans are easy to get if you own your car, but they carry high fees.

You also risk repossession if you default on your payments.

However, there might be certain emergency situations where a person has bad credit, and an auto title loan is their only option.

You should examine your repayment schedule and ensure you’re paying towards the principal as well as the interest each month.

Weigh Your Options Before You Need A Loan With LendGenius

No one wants to think about their financial problems, much less risk the embarrassment of asking a friend or family for help.

With LendGenius, our online form is available 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home.

How It Works

It usually takes a few minutes to complete the form, and it’s much easier than fumbling with multiple documents at a bank.

Many of the lenders we work with offer loans from $100 to $5,000.

Once you submit your information through our online form, you will be connected to a lender quickly for approval.

Once you’re connected with a lender, they will inform you of approval and all the rates, fees and conditions of the loan.

The LendGenius Advantage

We understand the stress of an unexpected expense that has to be paid upfront – the urgency can make you desperate, but you can avoid that trap.

Remember before any emergency comes up that there are many forms of borrowing from many different types of companies, so that you won’t feel as much pressure to accept the first offer you get.

When you’re ready, getting started through our form is quick, simple, and surprisingly easy – many borrowers get lender-approval within minutes.

Once you’re approved with a lender, most move quickly with money deposited as soon as the next business day.

Our Secret: A Focus On The Customer

Our customer service is the cornerstone of our business.

Because financial emergencies happen to everyone, it’s our goal to connect you with a lender using our in-house system as quickly as possible so that you can address your crisis and stop worrying.

You will be notified by a lender of any approvals, rejections, or additional documentation required so your process is as smooth and speedy as possible, so you can:

Get your car fixed and get to work.

Get the emergency dental work done for your wife.

Pay the copay so your mother can have the radiation treatments that she needs.

Whatever your emergency, there’s a smarter way to pay for it when you use LendGenius.

Now that’s genius.

Need Cash? Get a Personal Loan Today

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