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Are you in the middle of a financial emergency?

Do you need a few extra dollars as soon as possible to help you get through it?

Look no further, LendGenius can help you find an online personal loan with favorable terms almost immediately.

We work with people with all types of credit scores and can approve almost anyone – even a student with little credit history has options.

That’s right, people with bad credit can still get cash quick if they use our platform.

Our simplified process is designed to help you get the cash you need at an affordable rate as quickly as possible.

You can use our online form to get started right away, or you can call to speak with one of our trained loan specialists if you want to.

We don’t ask what you’re going to use the money for – we just know that you need it urgently and we want to help!

What To Do When You Need Money ASAP

If you have urgent need for some extra cash, you’ve come to the right place.

All you have to do is complete our secure online form, which only takes a few minutes, and your application process will begin.

There’s no need to waste your time going to an actual bank or to spend your time faxing documents.

Instead, we’ll use your info to determine which lenders and loan products you qualify for, and facilitate those connections on your behalf.

Technology is making it easier than ever to automate repetitive processes – you’ll receive a response from our system within seconds of sending us your information.

Every month, we help thousands of people with their bills and other financial needs.

Our focus is on working with you to get the most favorable terms you can qualify for in a fraction of the time it would take to shop around the old-fashioned way.

And bad credit?

That won’t be a hindrance, our large pool of lender partners can work with people with a range of credit scores.

LendGenius Can Help You Today

We can provide loans ranging from $100 up to $5,000, depending on the information that you provide us with.

You can borrow the right amount to help you finance your personal emergency.

If you are able to meet our relaxed requirements, we’ll be able to provide you with the money that you’re seeking.

Many of the lenders that we work with have different requirements, so your credit score is just one factor.

We consider every aspect of your application.

What do we look for in an application?

We are looking to see if you have a job, how long you’ve been working there, and how long you’ve lived at your current residence.

Additionally, we are looking to see if you have a valid bank account that we can use to deposit your loan into.

While people with excellent credit may qualify for a larger loan or a lower interest rate, that doesn’t mean that we can’t work with people who have bad credit scores.

Don’t let bad credit stop you from seeing what’s out there!

Fast Loans When You Need Them

Our lenders offer a range of loans vary from short-term style loans, mid-range loans, and long-term loans.

We aim to help alleviate the stress and frustration that comes from emergency situations that call for having more cash than your job can provide.

A personal loan can help you avoid late fees and overdraft fees that can build up when you’re strapped for cash.

You should check your options even if you don’t have an emergency yet – it’s better to make these financial decisions with a clear head.

Either way, your income, credit, and desired loan amount are all taken into consideration to filter through the noise so we can present you with some real, actionable choices.

Our Process Is Entirely Online

Customers love our digital platform for finding loans because there’s no need to visit a traditional bank or brick and mortar location to use our services.

Instead, simply fill out our easy-to-use form.

Our entire website was designed specifically to help you find the right loan at the right time from the right companies.

You can rest easy knowing that we’ve used top of the line security to protect and safeguard your sensitive personal information.

At the same time, if you would prefer to work with us over the phone, you can give us a call at any time and we’ll be ready to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Now that’s genius.

The Funding Process

Fill out a short survey.

Answer some questions about yourself to see what kind of financing you qualify for - You’ll have options in a matter of minutes.

Browse your matches...

If you want, we'll walk you through the products you matched with. Your Loan Genius is well-versed in the nuances of financing.

Apply once to browse multiple offers.

You’ll discover financing options and apply with as many lenders as you want. We don’t waste your time requesting the same information over and over again.

Compare your offers...

Now the fun part – Shop around for the right product and best rate. When lenders compete, your win big.

Get your funds!

You’re free to snatch up that office space you’ve been eyeing, upgrade your technology, or restock more of that hot inventory. With every loan payment, you’ll set yourself up for even better options with LendGenius in the future.

How We Earn Money

No catch – Our service is totally free for you, whether you fund or not.

Choose the lender that meets your needs; we’ll never pressure you to take an offer.

The lender may pay 2–5% of the total sum for the privilege of having you as a borrower.