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  • Rates from 4.99%
  • Borrow $1K to $50K
  • Monthly payments terms from 30 days to 3+ years
  • Get your money in 1 day

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At LendGenius, we make it easy for you to get money for whatever you need, whether it’s paying off a debt or remodeling your home.

Our online form lets you quickly apply for top personal loan offers from direct lenders. Offers include installment, unsecured, secured and bad credit personal loans from private lenders.

Once your application is approved, you can select the APR and installment terms that work best for you, accept your loan, and wait for the money.

Most of our borrowers get next day cash payments.

We work with lenders that accept bad credit. Our lenders help everyone from veterans to small businesses quickly and discreetly get the money they need to handle a financial emergency.

How Our Service Works

At LendGenius, we know it’s difficult applying for secured or unsecured loans if you have low income or poor credit.

That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to partner with more than 100 lenders who are sensitive to the barriers of a sub-par credit score.

If you’ve been unable to get approval elsewhere or face high interest penalties due to your credit score, give our loan brokers a try.

They’ll review your online application, determine how much you qualify for, and initiate the lender matching process.

Lenders submit their own offers for you to consider, so you can choose the best offer.

We always explain all of the loan terms including repayment schedules, collateral, and interest rates up front so there are no hidden surprises.

We have fast approval, processing, and payout times to help you through your financial hardship.

And we keep your account in good standing as long as your monthly payments are on time.

By borrowing from our lending partners, you can build your credit and trustworthiness.

This qualifies you for larger and more affordable personal loans in the future.

How Personal Loans Work

Our trained employees work hard to get you qualified for the money you need as quick as possible – in some cases, same day approval.

To determine your eligibility, we’ll verify the documents you submit with your application.

Our employees also check same-day lending regulations in your state.

States regulate interest rate and same-day loan amounts.

You can check your state’s laws before you apply to know what you can expect with direct loans.

If your loan amount requires adjusting to meet your state’s needs, our staff will work with you.

Terms of direct loans are left up to the lending partner that reviews and accepts your application.

Each lender sets their own terms based on the amount you’re requesting, the risk to them, and the best interest rate available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Have Bad Credit?

Even if you have poor credit or no credit history, you can still find lenders.

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy and are trying to rebuild your credit history, rest assured our lenders are willing to work with you.

Rather than be turned down by banks, give our lending partners a try.

Why Apply for a Personal Loan?

A personal loan can help you finance your education or home repair or pay down debt using consolidation.

When you consolidate high-interest debt, you’ll save on interest and pay down what you owe faster.

Better interest rates and repayment schedules often indicate that it’s better to accept a personal loan than use your credit card for a financial emergency.

Check this for yourself using an online loan calculator.

How Much Money Can I Get?

This depends on your requested loan amount, credit history, and past experience with same-day loans.

If you have a history of timely loan repayment, you’ll qualify for more money.

Curious to see what you qualify for? It costs nothing to apply.

Find out what you could get today.

Now that’s genius.

The Funding Process

Fill out a short survey.

Answer some questions about yourself to see what kind of financing you qualify for - You’ll have options in a matter of minutes.

Browse your matches...

If you want, we'll walk you through the products you matched with. Your Loan Genius is well-versed in the nuances of financing.

Apply once to browse multiple offers.

You’ll discover financing options and apply with as many lenders as you want. We don’t waste your time requesting the same information over and over again.

Compare your offers...

Now the fun part – Shop around for the right product and best rate. When lenders compete, your win big.

Get your funds!

You’re free to snatch up that office space you’ve been eyeing, upgrade your technology, or restock more of that hot inventory. With every loan payment, you’ll set yourself up for even better options with LendGenius in the future.

How We Earn Money

No catch – Our service is totally free for you, whether you fund or not.

Choose the lender that meets your needs; we’ll never pressure you to take an offer.

The lender may pay 2–5% of the total sum for the privilege of having you as a borrower.